Fence Detection Sensor Systems

Fence Detection Sensor Systems

This is a more advanced fence system that consists of Plug-and-Deploy Fence Detection Sensor. Offering unprecedented ease of installation and deployment, it is a high-performance, standalone intrusion sensor designed to reliably and cost-effectively protect smaller critical infrastructure sites vulnerable to terror attack, sabotage, asset theft or liability risk.

Based on field-proven smart-sensor technology and designed to perform in harsh outdoor environments, system protects up to 200 linear meters of fence line. Engineered for quick, easy installation and programming, the system is driven by a sensor mounted to the fence or in a nearby control room, connected to a length of sensor cable tie-wrapped to the fence or topper to detect cut or climb attacks. Advanced shielding and surge protection make it ideal for lightning-prone sites or those with high electromagnetic or RF interference.

As a plug-and-deploy detection sensor, the system set-up process is simple. Our installer uses a laptop USB connection to configure and calibrate the system via user-friendly Installation Service Tool software. LEDs on the sensor identify power input, alarm status, fault notification and sensor disturbance, while isolated, on-board relay contacts provide intrusion monitoring and fault alarm indication.

The system incorporates the superior system intelligence that positions our full range of INTREPID fence detectors as leaders in their class, scaled to efficiently protect shorter perimeters like those surrounding cellular towers, water reservoirs, fuel storage tanks, electric switchyards or other small yet security-sensitive assets.

Like all of our fence detection systems, The System employs patented Point Impact Discrimination™ to precisely monitor activity along the sensor cable in 1.1 meter increments – or cells – enabling the system to analyze the characteristics of each disturbance and reliably detect cut or climb intrusion attempts while ignoring harmless environmental noise such as wind, rain or vehicle traffic.

• Designed to protect smaller critical infrastructure sites
• Sensitivity Leveling™ for uniform detection
• Point Impact Discrimination™ prevents nuisance alarms
• Installs on broad range of fence fabric
• EMI / RFI shielding and surge protection
• Monitoring via on-board, Form-C relay outputs

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